Is the Sky also Rising in Europe?

Has the internet decimated the entertainment industry, or are we living in a new renaissance for both content creators and consumers? Depending on who you talk to, you may have heard both stories.
This report explores the true state of the entertainment industry and concludes, quite simply, that the sky is not falling on the entertainment business, consumers or content creators themselves. Instead:

The Sky is Rising

In a very interesting report from January 2012, Michael Masnick and Michael Ho take ‘a detailed look at the state of the entertainment industry’ (the sub-title of the report, which is entitled The Sky is Rising). What they find is that there is reason to rejoice – opportunities abound in/with the digital media. Creativity is furthered, not obstructed as certain members of the ‘old’ and established entertainment industry have tried to make us believe over the past few years. Their call for copyright expansion may best be seen, Masnick and Ho argue, as a way to protect themselves and hold at bay the wider entertainment industry which is growing at a rapid pace.

More content creators are producing more content than ever before.They’re also able to make money off of their content and consumers have more to choose from today than they have ever had. Before we start to regulate our way out of what is presented to us by the established entertainment industry as grave copyright problems, it is therefore important that concrete facts be put on the table.

In fact, the debate has to be changed altogether:

Unfortunately, it feels like much of the debate about copyright law over the past few decades has been based on claims about the state of an industry that simply don’t match up to reality… We hope that this report will help shift the debate away from a focus on a narrow set of interests who have yet to take advantage of the new opportunities, and towards a more positive recognition of the wide-open possibilities presented by new technologies to create, promote, distribute, connect and monetize. We’re living in a truly amazing time for the entertainment industry, and it’s time that our national debate reflects that reality.

The data presented by The Sky is Rising is based on the US. One wonders what things look like in the European context?

About the reluctant digital humanist

A humanities scholar who is interested in American history, human rights, copyright and digital humanities.
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